Technological Advancements Have Changed Lifestyles

The world is changing very rapidly and now it is hard to keep up with the pace of life. All the technological advancements are made to help man keep up with the increasing pace of life. There are two major questions to ask. Has increasing pace of life caused technology to grow or has growth in technology increased the pace of life?

Different people have different prospective on this so I am not discussing it for now. No matter what is the right answer, the reality is that our life style has changed dramatically over a period of time. The concepts which seem to be impossible a few years ago are now realities. Who had imagined for a 3D TV five years ago but now it is reality and is available worldwide. Turning an idea into reality is very easy now days. That is why more and more technological advancements are taking place every year. These advancements also show the potential of human mind.

Technological advancements have changed our life style, now technology is involved in every aspect of our life; it has made our life easy and comfortable. Technology has made communication very easy, has removed the distances and made world a global village. The world we used to know five years ago is totally different today.

Whenever a new technology is introduced, in the beginning people hesitate to adopt it but after some time it becomes necessity of life, there are many examples of such technologies like cell phone, television, computer etc.

Why these advancements have been made? The conscious of man and the passion to know one’s ability and talent has enabled man to make enormous technological advancements. These advancements have also enabled man to know more about his own self and surroundings. Man is now discovering the universe.

As more and more advancement is being made, we are abandoning our old ways and adopting new lifestyles. The major changes which technology has made to our lifestyle are related to work place, sports and entertainment. Workplaces are now equipped with computers and other automated machines to help workers better perform daily tasks. Sporting activities have reduced to some extent especially among young generation because they are now more interested in video games as compared to outdoor games.

Young generation prefer video games because now video games are more adventurous and full of action and suspense. The devices like Kinect and PlayStation have made video games more fun for the young generation. This growth has caused many criticisms to these video games as well. But now these companies are making devices to keep physical movements achievable while playing video games, thus causing permanent threat to traditional sports in young generation.

Technology has also changed our shopping style as well, a decade ago we use to hesitate while making a purchase online but now most of the shopping is done online because of convenience. People are more aware of different products, their quality and prices because of online shopping websites.

The world is now online and there is only one thing to ask and that is “NEXT IS WHAT?”

Graduate in Public Administration.